Ghosts of Cities Past

The Southern Mine

Ghosts Reborn

Gil Greenbeard was bored with the people working in the mines, leaving the rest of the group at the mining camp to learn what they could from the miners. Gil wanted to check out one of the mines, the one to the south in particular. There had been more vegetation there than in the rocky northern paths, he could always rely on nature to be his ally.

As he approached the entrance to the mine in front of him stood a very powerful looking red scaled dragonborn. He was looking curiously at the mine but as Gil approached and tried to hide in the brush the dragonborn stiffened and looked in his direction, eyes full of suspicion and a little fear. His hand went immediately to his sword. Seeing this, Gil stepped out of the brush his hands up in a gesture of peace.

The dragonborn’s eyes narrowed as he eyed the gnome. He asked Gil if he was a slave trader, the broken manacles that still hung onto him showed that he had escaped from slavery at least once already. Gil assured him that he was not any slave trader, he and his friends were lovers of freedom and these areas are dangerous, there are daemons about. Gil asked the dragonborn if he would like to join in a small exploration of the mine in front of them. After exploring the mine he would introduce the dragonborn to the companions he was traveling with. There he may earn a living as a free man.

Grudgingly the dragonborn agreed and introduced himself to Gil as Shim. The two now went into the mine. Once they entered it was soon dark in the mines. They walked by torchlight deeper into the caverns until they arrived at a cave with 5 other doors.

They were equidistant from each other and as they explored each of the different hallways they found that each ended on a perfectly domed chamber that looked to have smooth black obsidian walls. It was as if something had magically melted the rooms into that shape. Each one had many summoning circles inscribed upon the floor. Gil and Shim began destroying each of the different circles and with each one that was destroyed there was a flash of light that shot up to the ceiling.

In the last chamber Gil wanted to try an experiment. They kept one of the circles in tact and Gil shot a magical flame at it. The flame was instantly gone, absorbed by the circle and the stars that had appeared earlier on the ceiling glowed brighter. Gil kept shooting the fire at the circle and as he did so the stars began to align themselves into a large circle that spanned the entirety of the 5 rooms and hallways connecting them. It seemed that this whole cave had been created as a large summoning circle for who knows which daemon. Gil and Shim didn’t want to find out. They broke the circle Gil had been casting fire into ans as they did that a blinding flash of light erupted from it, stunning them for a moment before even the starry ceiling now lay dark.

The two adventurers went back and down a different hallway to make sure that there were no other such summoning sites and they stumbled onto another 5 room compound. This one was different, having lines that radiated from the middle rather than lines that created a circle. Gil and Shim began studying each room and found the walls all covered in elvish writings of some sort. Gil recognized the script but not the language.

In the very center there was a 5 sided pyramidal structure that pointed to the exact point where the elvish writings from the other rooms met. Not knowing what to make of this except that it seemed to be benevolent magic rather than a malevolent kind the two entered another room. There Shim tried to wash some of the dust and dirt off of the writings and the writings magically began turning blue. Gil quickly realized that this was how to activate this section of the spell. He conjured water and drenched the room until fr\om between the lines of elvish appeared a beautiful scene of a coastal village. The blue seemed to even weave along the center line connecting this room to the center and when they looked back into the previous room the side of the pyramid facing that room had also turned blue.

Gil decided to go to the center and pour some water onto the top of the pyramid in the center. Each of the sides reacted differently. On one side there was mud, on another side the water disappeared quickly, the third side hissed as the water touched it and turned to steam and on the last side nothing happened.

Gil and Shim matched the elements to their reactions, using earth, wind, water, and air to activate each room. They were unsure of the last room however, until Shim accidentally touched the water and was rewarded with a shock.

Once all 5 rooms were activated there was a great rumble from above them, it sounded like stones were being cracked and destroyed and in a flash of white light the colors were suddenly gone and the noise stopped. Shim and Gil rushed back to the other chambers to find that the floors had been utterly destroyed. There was little to no trace of the summoning circles that had once been engraved in the floor.

The ancient people must have used this to destroy the floors once, but it seemed that these circles had some sort of magic woven into them that would not allow them to be completely destroyed and they would regenerate over the millennia as they had to this day.

Having learned all they could about these mines Gil and Shim went to the mining camp that had become their home base in the mountains. There Gil introduced Shim to the others he had only recently met but had become his companions in finding out the source of this evil.


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