Ghosts of Cities Past

Family History

Lord Imir's View

Etak and Fargrim Ironfist went to meet Lord Dalif Imir ad supped with him. They discussed the recent events that had begun to unfold and the unsettling truth behind the ruins of the ancient city. They were advised to go east to the mines from which centuries ago legions of deamons poured out under the command of Rhagdad Imir and Tharleg Imir. They might find the key to prevent the inevitable hidden among the passageways.

They met with the blacksmith asking about weapons that could be used against the undead which they might find but it seemed the price was yet too steep for the moment.

The two spent the night at the Inn once again before leaving a note for their missing friends Draelas and Rinn before setting off to the East. They returned to the site of the Goblin attack just days earlier and once again spoke to the ghost of Olan Imir who agreed with Lord Dalif Imir that they should head East to the mines.

We left our two companions approaching what seems to be the only mining camp that people have ventured into since the ancient catastrophe.


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