Cities and empires come and go, their rise and their fall can sometimes only be seen through the mysterious ruins hidden in ancient glades. Others are well known for the good or for the evil deeds that were committed inside their walls. Many come to an explosive and and others wither until they are forgotten by all but the most ancient tomes.

The city of Alfdale was a center of commerce and prosperity in the region and an independent city whose banner stood for the freedom to trade anything to anyone. It prospered for generations and many considered it the jewel of the plains.


The jewel however had a flaw, which came in the form of the Brotherly Kings Rhagdad Imir and Tharleg Imir. Their lust for riches and power turned the gem from a bright and brilliant gem to one of sinister magnificence.

History of the Imir Family

Now the city lays in ruins, worn and weathered from centuries through which most have forgotten its blighted past. A small settlement, that of the Town of Elswick still sits upon the ruins, an old lord, Lord Dalif Imir controlling the land with little regard for the people or prosperity of the land. A new lesser lord has recently taken up residence in the small town and has brought prosperity to the area once more.

He is slowly winning the people over but is there a darkness lurking in the history of this city that could awaken old memories of a time when the pursuit of all that glitters and shines meant the enslavement of an entire region?

Join me and find out!