Ghosts of Cities Past

The Myconids and the Shadow Daemon
Convergence of Paths in the Undergrounds

Li’thanui and her two companions continued through to another chamber. Here there was a small stream trickling down one wall trough an opening in the ceiling. The stream trickled along the floor making a small web-work pattern where it wore away the stone. The wall where the stream trickled down to the ground grew a few different types of fungi, green, red, yellow and blue. Li’thanui had seen them before when she traveled the underdark and had seen the areas inhabited by the fungal people, the Myconids. They were never friendly to the Drow so she kept away, not fearing them of course but preferring to take the easier route around them, plus their fungal spores were different than any magic she knew and wanted to train against.

The three of them left the chamber and made camp in a small chamber just beyond it. That evening after the three of them ate and decided to rest, Li’thanui decided to go back and look at the fungal chamber again.

She inspected it and decided that she wanted to see what the Myconids were doing this far from the underdark, they were less than a kilometer down from the surface. Her teachers had always told her that these creatures loved the depths even more than the Drow and could be found in the deepest reaches of the underdark. She tested the different fungi, the red ones created a small ball of fire when touched, the green seemed to be acidic, the blue just released a clear liquid that didn’t seem to do much, and the yellow released a cloud of spores that made her fingers tingle and feel numb when she didn’t bring her hand back in time.

She vaulted up the wall through the hole above, avoiding the more dangerous fungi on the way. On top she landed in a stream that split the chamber in half. There were three exits to the chamber, one close behind her, one on the farthest edge of the chamber and one decently close and to the left of her. That last one was the most interesting. The fungi around it had turned black and there was a perfect half circle of black stone untouched by the fungi centered on the door.

Li’thanui wondered what was down that hallway and snuck forward, careful to move through the fungi without triggering any of them. She did touch one of the black fungi which crumpled in her hands releasing an ashen powder into the air. Interesting, she mused continuing forward. The hallway in front of her continued for almost 50 feet before ending in a staircase. She snuck up the stairway and looked around. She saw an obelisk standing in the middle of a glassy domed chamber which seemed to be made of volcanic glass. There was little to be seen in the chamber other than the obelisk. As Li’thanui moved out of the stairway to look at the obelisk in the center she felt claws raking along her back.

Diero had entered the cave system through the ruins of Alfdale. He had seen the entrance and it seemed interesting so he followed it to a chamber completely filled with fungi. He touched the red one and when it spat fire in his direction he decided not to go this way, there might be an easier way around. It was as he was about to turn around that he heard a surprised and pained yell coming from a hallway across the chamber from him. There might be need of some heroics there, he thought as he tried to get through the chamber without getting burnt to a crisp or melted by fire. He didn’t even want to know what the yellow powder did so he just kept away from those. He made it to that other exit which was devoid of fungi but was strangely darker than the stone around it. He rushed in and soon up the stairs to find a half-drow fighting with a shadow deamon of some sort. Now Diero knew that Drow were evil, but on the scale of one to Balur Daemon, the shadow Daemon was worse.

He jumped at the creature sword swinging and grunted as the familiar resistance of flesh did not greet his swing. It passed straight through the daemon as if it was traveling through a thick soup. He hoisted his sword and got ready again, this was not going to be a very quick fight.

Sapphira had stumbled upon the entrance to the cave and was walking around inside when she heard steel clashing against rock and the hissing of some creature in a language she recognized as evil but could not place directly. Curious, she entered another chamber full of the fungi she had been looking at earlier. She carefully picked her way toward the area where there were no fungi. She looked curiously at the fungi which had turned black by where this bald spot was. She recognized the shapes of the fungi to be the same ones as before but something had killed them. She touched one and it fell to ash under her touch. Before she had time to think about it any more she heard another clang of steel and decided that took precedence. She ran forward, preparing some spells as she ran until she bolted up the stairs into the large open chamber, lit by a dropped torch. On the side of the light there were two figures, one looked human, dressed in finery and nice armor while the other one wore no armor and seemed to be fighting the shadow daemon before her with only her fists. Sapphira’s blood chilled as she perceived that the latter figure had the ashen skin of a Drow.

Yriel had been exploring this cave system in search of the undead and other daemonic forces in this underground. He had found that the old den of the Thieves guild in Elswick had been emptied of everything, gold to life and after a long time searching he had found an entrance to the undergrounds of the ancient city of Alfdale. He wandered through the undergrounds for a time but saw guards patrolling certain areas. He could not get through this area without risking suspicion so he decided to take the land route and find another entrance. When he circled the town and started searching the forest, he found what looked like the remnants of a chimney. He decided that this was as good a place as any to try. He managed to squeeze himself down the chimney into the remnants of an old house it seemed. From here he discovered a system of caves that felt like old roads but there were no undead or traces of any kind of gold. Even some of the silverware that one would expect to be untouched had disappeared.

At one point he hound that the ceiling above the road had collapsed with another cave above it. He thought this might be the way that the guild and any other cave dwellers got around without the guards noticing him. Even in this outskirt of the old city he had seen a few wandering guards. He entered the tunnel which soon became too tight for him to walk through, forcing him to crouch and then crawl. It ended in a black wall to his disappointment but through it he heard fighting. Maybe this was a training ground for those who destroyed the guild!

He searched the wall until he found the mechanism that worked the opening. It seemed to be slightly magical and once he activated it the crystal attached to it dimmed. He guessed there was no longer a way to open or close it. The opening itself did not slide open, swing open, or fall open, but instead the stone had faded from in front of him, revealing to him a scene where three figures stood fighting a shadow daemon.

He saw a Human, an Elf and what looked like a drow, but seemed to be fighting with the human and the elf. Interesting he thought, but the shadow daemon was more of a threat. He decided to use his advantage and shoot his crossbow from his hiding place up on the wall. He aimed, fired and the bolt whizzed through the head of the Daemon and clanged on the wall behind it. He cursed under his breath but as he did the drow flipped onto her hands using her legs to go through the head of the shadow daemon. As she did so, her legs passed through just as his arrow had but this time the shadow did not reform after the attack. It dissipated into the obelisk which let out a bright stream of light to the ceiling. This light moved through the stone close to where Yriel lay and then outlined an opening and the stone inside it disappeared much like the stone had in front of him. Yriel decided that he might as well get down from the wall and he did a jump and a tumble to land on the floor in front of the other people in the room.

Beneath the Ancient City
Golden Bat, Ashen Skin, and the Detective.

Li’thanui had finally found where those foolish mortals had begun using the Daemon web. The humans could be so sloppy, she thought surveying the circles they had carved into the stone with the Daemon Web intertwined with the writings. They had used it to create the circles so that they could heal, feeding off of magical energy to recreate the broken bonds that had broken their hold on the Daemons that were summoned. She shook her head, had they used it correctly it would have taken but one sacrifice to mend the circles but instead the way they used it took centuries. No matter, it was good that they were broken, she did not wish to contend with daemons while collecting the relic of her people. She pulled out her spool and collected the strands before tucking it back into her pouch. Suddenly she looked toward a hallway she had not explored yet. Someone was coming.

XXXXX had been tasked by Lord Imir to check out these undergrounds, something strange was going on here according to his lord and he had been tasked with making sure whatever it was stopped being so strange or just stopped being. He liked this sort of assignment, exploring a part of the ruins that had been a secret for a long time and he had ever been allowed inside before. He lit a torch as he descended into the depths. The entrance to the passage he had been told to take was recently collapsed, a pile of ancient bricks made the descent into the old hallway easy though it did call into question the structural integrity of the passageway. It wasn’t long before the brick and mortar gave way to natural cave walls and the ceiling transitioned from a smooth arc to a crevice ridden cavern.
He continued on as the hallway widened at times to create rooms with some remnants of battle in them before narrowing back into long and thin caverns that showed little disturbance. Every once in a while he saw a skeleton clutching a sword or a severed skull with horns grinning at him. This must have been one of the places where the ancient battles of the Daemon war had been held. He continued down the hallway until he came to a larger cavern, this one had 2 exits as far as he could see but his torch went out suddenly. He looked around confused, there had been no gust of wind or anything.

Li’thanui watched as the human struggled cursing with his flint and steel to relight his torch. She stood up as he was about to light it, and as soon as the foul yellow glow hit her dark grey skin she stated frankly

“You will not get out of here alive without me foolish human.”

“Is that a threat?” He asked, hand going toward his weapon.

“It is but a statement, you are in no way suitable to wander these caverns. Your inferior eyes cannot even see in the dark!”

He looked at her again, contemplated this and said “I don’t need you,” turned and walked away down the path she had been planning on exploring next.

Li’thanui looked after him, this was a strange creature, so unadapted to life in the pleasure of darkness that he had to bring a torch to drive it away. She decided that it might entertain her to see what he does next so she followed him staying out of sight and moving silently among the stones.

XXXXX didn’t like the half-drow he had just encountered. She was too high and mighty for his tastes and knowing nothing of him thought little enough of him to say that he needed her in order to stay alive in these minds. Those kinds of people were best left alone to their own musings, no point in arguing with them. He was soon coming upon a second chamber, here he saw a very strange creature flying around the cave and hallway. It was a bat but the color of it was bright yellow rather than the normal black. He looked at it curiously as if flew into the other room. Was this maybe a new species or something?

Solaire had been studying the circle he stood on intently when Steve, his bat had alerted him that someone was coming. He quickly put away his notes on the circle that he had been studying and as the other man walked in he looked over casually. The man seemed less surprised about him being there than he should have been but that was good for Solaire. He greeted the man with a wave and pretended to go back to studying the circle. The man walked over and introduced himself and Solaire did likewise. Apparently the man had been tasked by his lord to find out what was going on in these undergrounds. He had already seen these circles once before and now he finds someone studying them. They talked about the circles for a while and about what they were and decided that it would be better for both of them to search these tunnels together. Solaire had mentioned that some of the circles had begun recovering from whatever shattered them in the past.

The two set off, none of them noticing Li’thanui who was having a grand time following these two.

When the two of them approached the next room they saw three glowing purple figures, roughly humanoid in proportions standing around once circle. XXXX immediately thought the worst. He drew his crossbow and fired at one of them. The bold passed through it but though it hissed and all three looked at them they did not move. Realizing that they were not going to attack, Solaire and XXXX cautiously entered the room. They began looking at the other circles and noticed that the entire room was perfectly round with a glassy ceiling made of what looked like volcanic glass. There was a line of runes around the entire room as well. IT was cracked in a few places but they saw that the circle that the ghostly specters were standing around showed no signs of cracks.

Li’thanui was curious about this room and about what the specters were doing not attacking the two others. She entered the room paying them no heed as they looked at her slightly surprised. She headed toward the far circle as the half-elf named Solaire examined the large circle. She collected the fragments of the Daemon web that she found but as she was heading to the other broken circle the human made a noise of shock and alarm. Immediately her head snapped around to the circle with the specters and she saw the cause of his alarm. The runes and the lines of the circle had started glowing red. Before anyone else could do anything she jumped at the nearest specter. Her fists felt like she was punching through a thick soup without anything solid in the middle. The specter also felt cold, bone chillingly cold to the touch. It hissed at her but did not attempt to attack back. By then the others had gathered their wits and the human was shooting his crossbow at the specter he had hit before and a green energy gathered on Solaire’s hands and blasted that same specter which seemed to dissipate but the energy seemed to only strengthen the circle’s glow. Li flipped and did a series of kicks aiming for the specters neck. This one also hissed as it dissipated but its energy also seemed to be absorbed as the last one also melted into the circle.

The circle was now glowing bright red and the runes were not even visible. Li’thanui took a step back to assess the situation as a large muscular and purple arm appeared in the circle grabbing the side and trying to pull itself out. The other arm was also there on the other side. She went to kick the arm closest to her as the other two prepared to attack the hand closer to them. Li’s kick landed hard on the creatures hand and it let go just as its hideous purple face bearded with green tentacles showed itself above the red of the summoning circle. The arm let go and was flailing as the eldritch blast from Solaire hit it as well. The daemon grabbed the edge again trying to pull itself through. Li took this opportunity to smash its head into the stone with her foot, the humans seem to call this attack “Curb stomping” not that she knew or wanted to know what a curb was or how you stomped it. The daemons head struck the stone with a crunch but rather than slipping back into the portal it lashed out grabbing Li’s leg with its tentacles. A bolt soon found itself embedded in the eye of the daemon as it roared losing its grip on the side of the portal. It began dragging Li down into hell or whichever plane it was from. Before Li could do anything to free herself she saw Solaire taking a running jump and flying at her. His green blast landed perfectly on the Daemon’s beard severing it from his head. He then said something that made her groan before pushing her out of the circle as it sealed as the last of the daemon fell back through it.

I guess these other species had their uses sometimes, Li thought. Though hell might be better than the surface world with its despicable sun rising every day.

The Southern Mine
Ghosts Reborn

Gil Greenbeard was bored with the people working in the mines, leaving the rest of the group at the mining camp to learn what they could from the miners. Gil wanted to check out one of the mines, the one to the south in particular. There had been more vegetation there than in the rocky northern paths, he could always rely on nature to be his ally.

As he approached the entrance to the mine in front of him stood a very powerful looking red scaled dragonborn. He was looking curiously at the mine but as Gil approached and tried to hide in the brush the dragonborn stiffened and looked in his direction, eyes full of suspicion and a little fear. His hand went immediately to his sword. Seeing this, Gil stepped out of the brush his hands up in a gesture of peace.

The dragonborn’s eyes narrowed as he eyed the gnome. He asked Gil if he was a slave trader, the broken manacles that still hung onto him showed that he had escaped from slavery at least once already. Gil assured him that he was not any slave trader, he and his friends were lovers of freedom and these areas are dangerous, there are daemons about. Gil asked the dragonborn if he would like to join in a small exploration of the mine in front of them. After exploring the mine he would introduce the dragonborn to the companions he was traveling with. There he may earn a living as a free man.

Grudgingly the dragonborn agreed and introduced himself to Gil as Shim. The two now went into the mine. Once they entered it was soon dark in the mines. They walked by torchlight deeper into the caverns until they arrived at a cave with 5 other doors.

They were equidistant from each other and as they explored each of the different hallways they found that each ended on a perfectly domed chamber that looked to have smooth black obsidian walls. It was as if something had magically melted the rooms into that shape. Each one had many summoning circles inscribed upon the floor. Gil and Shim began destroying each of the different circles and with each one that was destroyed there was a flash of light that shot up to the ceiling.

In the last chamber Gil wanted to try an experiment. They kept one of the circles in tact and Gil shot a magical flame at it. The flame was instantly gone, absorbed by the circle and the stars that had appeared earlier on the ceiling glowed brighter. Gil kept shooting the fire at the circle and as he did so the stars began to align themselves into a large circle that spanned the entirety of the 5 rooms and hallways connecting them. It seemed that this whole cave had been created as a large summoning circle for who knows which daemon. Gil and Shim didn’t want to find out. They broke the circle Gil had been casting fire into ans as they did that a blinding flash of light erupted from it, stunning them for a moment before even the starry ceiling now lay dark.

The two adventurers went back and down a different hallway to make sure that there were no other such summoning sites and they stumbled onto another 5 room compound. This one was different, having lines that radiated from the middle rather than lines that created a circle. Gil and Shim began studying each room and found the walls all covered in elvish writings of some sort. Gil recognized the script but not the language.

In the very center there was a 5 sided pyramidal structure that pointed to the exact point where the elvish writings from the other rooms met. Not knowing what to make of this except that it seemed to be benevolent magic rather than a malevolent kind the two entered another room. There Shim tried to wash some of the dust and dirt off of the writings and the writings magically began turning blue. Gil quickly realized that this was how to activate this section of the spell. He conjured water and drenched the room until fr\om between the lines of elvish appeared a beautiful scene of a coastal village. The blue seemed to even weave along the center line connecting this room to the center and when they looked back into the previous room the side of the pyramid facing that room had also turned blue.

Gil decided to go to the center and pour some water onto the top of the pyramid in the center. Each of the sides reacted differently. On one side there was mud, on another side the water disappeared quickly, the third side hissed as the water touched it and turned to steam and on the last side nothing happened.

Gil and Shim matched the elements to their reactions, using earth, wind, water, and air to activate each room. They were unsure of the last room however, until Shim accidentally touched the water and was rewarded with a shock.

Once all 5 rooms were activated there was a great rumble from above them, it sounded like stones were being cracked and destroyed and in a flash of white light the colors were suddenly gone and the noise stopped. Shim and Gil rushed back to the other chambers to find that the floors had been utterly destroyed. There was little to no trace of the summoning circles that had once been engraved in the floor.

The ancient people must have used this to destroy the floors once, but it seemed that these circles had some sort of magic woven into them that would not allow them to be completely destroyed and they would regenerate over the millennia as they had to this day.

Having learned all they could about these mines Gil and Shim went to the mining camp that had become their home base in the mountains. There Gil introduced Shim to the others he had only recently met but had become his companions in finding out the source of this evil.

Road to the East
Strange Stone Circles

Rinn had gone to the forest for the first time in his memory with Chissyl who had volunteered to tell him the tales of his people. After many hours in the woods during which Rinn’s mind was flooded by the stories of wood elves and the wilds that he did not make it back in time for the meeting with Lord Dalif Imir with Etak.

As evening set on and the basket of herbs was full and his head was full of stories. It was a small clearing they were standing in when there was a movement behind Rinn and a high pitched cheerful voice greeted them. As he turned Rinn saw a gnome with a green beard and enough sticks and leaves in his hair to make him question whether the creature was a gnome and not a living tree like the ones in Chissyl’s stories. Instinctively Rinn’s blade was already drawn but when the gnome remained cheerful and made no move to threaten them he relaxed and sheathed his blade. The gnome introduced himself as Gil.

Gil seemed interested in Rinns background, especially the city life he led in the past but it was getting dark so Chissyl suggested that they retire to her home for the evening. They went to Chissyl’s shop and spent the night there regaling each other of stories from their homes into the late hours of the night.

In the morning they thanked Chissyl for her hospitality and Rinn suggested they look to see if his acquaintances were at the inn or had left any indication of their whereabouts. There turned out to be a note at the Inn which told them little more than to go East to the mines. It seems that their discussion with the Lord Imir had sent them in that direction.

The two set off to the East, following the path easily through the forest, Gil even pointed out footprints by the clearing that led to where Rinn and the others had fought the goblins and met the ghost of Olan Imir. The continued on from there but after about 30 minutes of walking Gil became uneasy, he sensed something dark and unnatural from the woods in this area which was just compounded by the fact that not a single animal could be heard in the area.

They decided to go north off the path and investigate what the disturbance was. Rinn noticed burn marks on the trees that seemed recent since they were still hot to the touch. They soon came upon an unusual sight, a large rat and raven chattering and squawking at one another. The animals were unnatural, that was apparent so Rinn took aim at the rat and fired his crossbow. Both animals blinked out of existence. Rinn and Gil looked at each other confused until a stab of pain shot through them both as the two imps impaled them with their stingers.

They managed to resist the poison and fight off the creatures without too much trouble. Both Rinn and Gil wanted to get rid of the disgusting retches once they had been dispatched but fire had no effect on them. Rinn began to dig a hole to bury them but instead after less than a foot of earth he uncovered solid stone with some engravings on it.

Upon further inspection Gil found that these were summoning circles of some sort, from the looks of them demonic. There were two small summoning circles where the imps had appeared, scorching the nearby trees before being dispatched. The first part that Rinn had uncovered, however, seemed to be part of a much larger summoning circle.

Rinn sketched down the runes and they decided to consult Olan Imir before they continued to the mines in the East. When she saw the runes on the drawing and heard the tale a worried look crossed her face. She explained that she feared some summoning circles may be reforming and that though there surely had to have been shattered by mages long ago, the circles had centuries to regain some power. It was possible also for specters and other minions to channel the powers of the two brothers to summon these creatures but it seemed that the art was not yet perfected as the Imps had no real directions it seemed and were trying to figure out what to do.

Olan implored the two to check the summoning circle, the large one in particular to make sure that it was still broken. Gil and Rinn went back and dug up parts of the circle, Olan had told them that the northern edges were most likely to be destroyed as the order of the north star did much of the destruction. They found that the large circle was indeed cracked but it had started to heal just as Olan had feared. They had to figure out some way of stopping the brothers and soon, before they were able to summon more powerful beings and control them too.

They headed east to the mines where they noticed a sign from one of their companions pointing them in the direction of the southeast road.

Family History
Lord Imir's View

Etak and Fargrim Ironfist went to meet Lord Dalif Imir ad supped with him. They discussed the recent events that had begun to unfold and the unsettling truth behind the ruins of the ancient city. They were advised to go east to the mines from which centuries ago legions of deamons poured out under the command of Rhagdad Imir and Tharleg Imir. They might find the key to prevent the inevitable hidden among the passageways.

They met with the blacksmith asking about weapons that could be used against the undead which they might find but it seemed the price was yet too steep for the moment.

The two spent the night at the Inn once again before leaving a note for their missing friends Draelas and Rinn before setting off to the East. They returned to the site of the Goblin attack just days earlier and once again spoke to the ghost of Olan Imir who agreed with Lord Dalif Imir that they should head East to the mines.

We left our two companions approaching what seems to be the only mining camp that people have ventured into since the ancient catastrophe.

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