Li'thanui (Li)

Leaves of Steely Venom, Half-Drow monk


Half-Drow Monk 3

Proficiency +2

Str: 14 2 Advantage (4)
Dex 16 3 Advantage (5)
Con 14 +2
Int 11 +0
Wis 15 +2
Cha 11 +1

Skills: Acrobatics* +5
Athletics* +4
Perception* +4
Stealth* +5

AC 14 Initiative +2 Speed 40 ft.

21 HP (8 +2d8 +6)

Fist of the Reclaimer+4 melee 1d4 +2 damage (bldg) 1 extra attack as bonus action if monk weapon
Steel Leaves on the Dead Wind +4 melee 1d6 +2 piercing (shortsword)

3 Ki points/ battle

Ki powers-
Dance of Rending Claws- 2 attacks as bonus action instead of one
Unassailable Superiority- bonus dodge or disengage
Hunter Senses Prey- bonus movement, jump distance doubled

Discipline- Elemental

Elemental Attunement- minor elemental shenanigans
Red in Tooth and Claw (Fanbgs of the Fire Serpent)- 1 ki point (fire) +10ft reach
+1 ki point +1d10 fire damage/attack

Other powers- Deflect Arrows- -1d10 +5 per missile attack


Common, Elven, Undercommon


Full Name- Leaves of Steely Venom (Li’thanui
Nickname: Li
Original Name: <unknown>

Background- Folk Hero- On her ceremonial first surface mission, Li recovered the Amulet of Tal’Zorath from the foul clutches of the surface elf merchant who had purloined it, and also saved several drow children from bring captured by surface elves. This earned her a position as a Reclaimer, one of the few non-nobles to attain it (perhaps because someone else wanted her out of the monastery. Reclaimers are tasked with recovering artifacts stolen by surfacers from the ruins of the drow empires of old, and are sent alone to the surface, and only return when their missions have succeeded. She is presently seeking an artifact called the Demonweb in the old mines near Elswick

Bonds- Unknown Family- Her mother was a person of some import, who one boring day saw a particularly delectable slave. Li is the result, and was raised at the Shrine of the Resolute Recluse, a drow monastery that trains spies and assassins, warriors who can resist even the most virulent poison, and require no blade to slay their opponents. From them, she learned strength, and that strength deserved victory.

Ideal-People deserve to be treated with respect

Unlike many of her compatriots however, Li came to believe, seeing weaker younger students driven out by the stronger older students, that to deny someone a chance to prove and gain in strength was the ultimate in malice, corrupting the purity of natural competition, which knows no class or status. The weak should die, but it should be because they were weak, not because they were kept so by others. Thus she disdains surface societies, and their hereditary nobility (unlike the drow’s twisted parody of a “meritocracy”) that keep others chained from birth until death. In her heart of hearts though, she knows even her own culture is not free from leeching weaklings who are undeserving of their status, but cherishes a dream of driving them all out and putting them to a well-deserved doom.

Flaw- secretly believes things would be better if she ruled over all

Li'thanui (Li)

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