Gil Greenbeard


Gil, short for Gillian (though never short on laughs) Greenbeard is a young forest gnome whose penchant for light-hearted mischief always managed to land him in trouble.

Gil discovered that while naturally talented in the art of illusion like his brethren, he could have much more fun transforming into small animals and sneaking about. If there was anything that he enjoyed more than a good laugh, it was sharing that good laugh with good people or his small animal friends whom he seemed able to naturally communicate with.

Constantly intrigued by the forests around him, Gil’s teachers eventually encouraged him to explore his talents harnessing nature’s magic (which also served as a convenient means to limit his knack for causing distractions in class).

As his skill with nature magic grew, Gil found himself exploring the wild on his own, traveling further from from his village.

While finding peace in the solace of the forest, Gil never forgot his friends or home; however, his curiosity led him to surrounding human villages and cities. Always observing from afar, the young gnome wondered what fun might be had there…

One fateful day however, shaped Gil forever. Hearing the desperate growls of an animal friend, he discovered a pair of orcs who had cornered a young boy and his dog. Unable to reach the two in time, Gil watched as the dog attacked the orcs allowing the young boy to escape. The dog was quickly cut down; and the sight of the slain dog filled Gil with such rage that he slew the orcs and swore the same swift justice to any who might do harm to the forest.

Gil Greenbeard

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