Half-Elf Rogue


Draelas (no last name) has no recollection of his parents or his early life. His first memories are from the orphanage where he was left and where he grew While he was not unhappy with his life at the orphanage, as the years passed he became more and more intrigued about his past and in particular his parents. He asked the orphanage Matron about his origins multiple times and he always got the same answer: “Draelas, look always at the future. Never lurk in the past”.

One night, when he felt he could not control the urge to know more about his past, Draelas sneaked into the Matron’s office. He found multiple boxes in a closet. Each box was marked with one of the orphan’s names. With his heart pounding, Draelas looked for what it seemed to be hours until he found a box with his name. Hardly able to keep quiet, he opened the box to find only a pendant with the shape of a magnificent tree attached to the side of the box. Draelas took it without hesitation and inspected the item for several minutes without being able to get much information. Daylight caught him in the Matron’s closet. He rushed to put boxes back where they were and could not prevent some of the boxes opening and items falling on the floor. One of the items, a vial with bright orange fluid, shattered and produced heat rapidly followed by fire. He ran out and called for help. The fire expanded and despite hours of work the orphanage could not be saved. Draelas, ashamed, escaped and lived in the streets carrying only the pendant he found in his box. Years later during a stormy night and while looking for food in the alleyways of the city, he observed a man being attacked by several soldiers. He waited until the soldiers left and then went to investigate. The man, who responded to the name of Arthus Matten was severely beaten. Draelas helped him back to life over several weeks. Arthus Matten, a rogue on the city guild, took Draelas under his wing. Over several years they will roam the city, explore and develop new abilities together. Arthus Matten inevitably grew old and was not able to keep up with the elf. Upon his dead, Draelas left the city looking for a new life and a nonexistent past.


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