Ghosts of Cities Past

The Myconids and the Shadow Daemon

Convergence of Paths in the Undergrounds

Li’thanui and her two companions continued through to another chamber. Here there was a small stream trickling down one wall trough an opening in the ceiling. The stream trickled along the floor making a small web-work pattern where it wore away the stone. The wall where the stream trickled down to the ground grew a few different types of fungi, green, red, yellow and blue. Li’thanui had seen them before when she traveled the underdark and had seen the areas inhabited by the fungal people, the Myconids. They were never friendly to the Drow so she kept away, not fearing them of course but preferring to take the easier route around them, plus their fungal spores were different than any magic she knew and wanted to train against.

The three of them left the chamber and made camp in a small chamber just beyond it. That evening after the three of them ate and decided to rest, Li’thanui decided to go back and look at the fungal chamber again.

She inspected it and decided that she wanted to see what the Myconids were doing this far from the underdark, they were less than a kilometer down from the surface. Her teachers had always told her that these creatures loved the depths even more than the Drow and could be found in the deepest reaches of the underdark. She tested the different fungi, the red ones created a small ball of fire when touched, the green seemed to be acidic, the blue just released a clear liquid that didn’t seem to do much, and the yellow released a cloud of spores that made her fingers tingle and feel numb when she didn’t bring her hand back in time.

She vaulted up the wall through the hole above, avoiding the more dangerous fungi on the way. On top she landed in a stream that split the chamber in half. There were three exits to the chamber, one close behind her, one on the farthest edge of the chamber and one decently close and to the left of her. That last one was the most interesting. The fungi around it had turned black and there was a perfect half circle of black stone untouched by the fungi centered on the door.

Li’thanui wondered what was down that hallway and snuck forward, careful to move through the fungi without triggering any of them. She did touch one of the black fungi which crumpled in her hands releasing an ashen powder into the air. Interesting, she mused continuing forward. The hallway in front of her continued for almost 50 feet before ending in a staircase. She snuck up the stairway and looked around. She saw an obelisk standing in the middle of a glassy domed chamber which seemed to be made of volcanic glass. There was little to be seen in the chamber other than the obelisk. As Li’thanui moved out of the stairway to look at the obelisk in the center she felt claws raking along her back.

Diero had entered the cave system through the ruins of Alfdale. He had seen the entrance and it seemed interesting so he followed it to a chamber completely filled with fungi. He touched the red one and when it spat fire in his direction he decided not to go this way, there might be an easier way around. It was as he was about to turn around that he heard a surprised and pained yell coming from a hallway across the chamber from him. There might be need of some heroics there, he thought as he tried to get through the chamber without getting burnt to a crisp or melted by fire. He didn’t even want to know what the yellow powder did so he just kept away from those. He made it to that other exit which was devoid of fungi but was strangely darker than the stone around it. He rushed in and soon up the stairs to find a half-drow fighting with a shadow deamon of some sort. Now Diero knew that Drow were evil, but on the scale of one to Balur Daemon, the shadow Daemon was worse.

He jumped at the creature sword swinging and grunted as the familiar resistance of flesh did not greet his swing. It passed straight through the daemon as if it was traveling through a thick soup. He hoisted his sword and got ready again, this was not going to be a very quick fight.

Sapphira had stumbled upon the entrance to the cave and was walking around inside when she heard steel clashing against rock and the hissing of some creature in a language she recognized as evil but could not place directly. Curious, she entered another chamber full of the fungi she had been looking at earlier. She carefully picked her way toward the area where there were no fungi. She looked curiously at the fungi which had turned black by where this bald spot was. She recognized the shapes of the fungi to be the same ones as before but something had killed them. She touched one and it fell to ash under her touch. Before she had time to think about it any more she heard another clang of steel and decided that took precedence. She ran forward, preparing some spells as she ran until she bolted up the stairs into the large open chamber, lit by a dropped torch. On the side of the light there were two figures, one looked human, dressed in finery and nice armor while the other one wore no armor and seemed to be fighting the shadow daemon before her with only her fists. Sapphira’s blood chilled as she perceived that the latter figure had the ashen skin of a Drow.

Yriel had been exploring this cave system in search of the undead and other daemonic forces in this underground. He had found that the old den of the Thieves guild in Elswick had been emptied of everything, gold to life and after a long time searching he had found an entrance to the undergrounds of the ancient city of Alfdale. He wandered through the undergrounds for a time but saw guards patrolling certain areas. He could not get through this area without risking suspicion so he decided to take the land route and find another entrance. When he circled the town and started searching the forest, he found what looked like the remnants of a chimney. He decided that this was as good a place as any to try. He managed to squeeze himself down the chimney into the remnants of an old house it seemed. From here he discovered a system of caves that felt like old roads but there were no undead or traces of any kind of gold. Even some of the silverware that one would expect to be untouched had disappeared.

At one point he hound that the ceiling above the road had collapsed with another cave above it. He thought this might be the way that the guild and any other cave dwellers got around without the guards noticing him. Even in this outskirt of the old city he had seen a few wandering guards. He entered the tunnel which soon became too tight for him to walk through, forcing him to crouch and then crawl. It ended in a black wall to his disappointment but through it he heard fighting. Maybe this was a training ground for those who destroyed the guild!

He searched the wall until he found the mechanism that worked the opening. It seemed to be slightly magical and once he activated it the crystal attached to it dimmed. He guessed there was no longer a way to open or close it. The opening itself did not slide open, swing open, or fall open, but instead the stone had faded from in front of him, revealing to him a scene where three figures stood fighting a shadow daemon.

He saw a Human, an Elf and what looked like a drow, but seemed to be fighting with the human and the elf. Interesting he thought, but the shadow daemon was more of a threat. He decided to use his advantage and shoot his crossbow from his hiding place up on the wall. He aimed, fired and the bolt whizzed through the head of the Daemon and clanged on the wall behind it. He cursed under his breath but as he did the drow flipped onto her hands using her legs to go through the head of the shadow daemon. As she did so, her legs passed through just as his arrow had but this time the shadow did not reform after the attack. It dissipated into the obelisk which let out a bright stream of light to the ceiling. This light moved through the stone close to where Yriel lay and then outlined an opening and the stone inside it disappeared much like the stone had in front of him. Yriel decided that he might as well get down from the wall and he did a jump and a tumble to land on the floor in front of the other people in the room.


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