Ghosts of Cities Past

Road to the East

Strange Stone Circles

Rinn had gone to the forest for the first time in his memory with Chissyl who had volunteered to tell him the tales of his people. After many hours in the woods during which Rinn’s mind was flooded by the stories of wood elves and the wilds that he did not make it back in time for the meeting with Lord Dalif Imir with Etak.

As evening set on and the basket of herbs was full and his head was full of stories. It was a small clearing they were standing in when there was a movement behind Rinn and a high pitched cheerful voice greeted them. As he turned Rinn saw a gnome with a green beard and enough sticks and leaves in his hair to make him question whether the creature was a gnome and not a living tree like the ones in Chissyl’s stories. Instinctively Rinn’s blade was already drawn but when the gnome remained cheerful and made no move to threaten them he relaxed and sheathed his blade. The gnome introduced himself as Gil.

Gil seemed interested in Rinns background, especially the city life he led in the past but it was getting dark so Chissyl suggested that they retire to her home for the evening. They went to Chissyl’s shop and spent the night there regaling each other of stories from their homes into the late hours of the night.

In the morning they thanked Chissyl for her hospitality and Rinn suggested they look to see if his acquaintances were at the inn or had left any indication of their whereabouts. There turned out to be a note at the Inn which told them little more than to go East to the mines. It seems that their discussion with the Lord Imir had sent them in that direction.

The two set off to the East, following the path easily through the forest, Gil even pointed out footprints by the clearing that led to where Rinn and the others had fought the goblins and met the ghost of Olan Imir. The continued on from there but after about 30 minutes of walking Gil became uneasy, he sensed something dark and unnatural from the woods in this area which was just compounded by the fact that not a single animal could be heard in the area.

They decided to go north off the path and investigate what the disturbance was. Rinn noticed burn marks on the trees that seemed recent since they were still hot to the touch. They soon came upon an unusual sight, a large rat and raven chattering and squawking at one another. The animals were unnatural, that was apparent so Rinn took aim at the rat and fired his crossbow. Both animals blinked out of existence. Rinn and Gil looked at each other confused until a stab of pain shot through them both as the two imps impaled them with their stingers.

They managed to resist the poison and fight off the creatures without too much trouble. Both Rinn and Gil wanted to get rid of the disgusting retches once they had been dispatched but fire had no effect on them. Rinn began to dig a hole to bury them but instead after less than a foot of earth he uncovered solid stone with some engravings on it.

Upon further inspection Gil found that these were summoning circles of some sort, from the looks of them demonic. There were two small summoning circles where the imps had appeared, scorching the nearby trees before being dispatched. The first part that Rinn had uncovered, however, seemed to be part of a much larger summoning circle.

Rinn sketched down the runes and they decided to consult Olan Imir before they continued to the mines in the East. When she saw the runes on the drawing and heard the tale a worried look crossed her face. She explained that she feared some summoning circles may be reforming and that though there surely had to have been shattered by mages long ago, the circles had centuries to regain some power. It was possible also for specters and other minions to channel the powers of the two brothers to summon these creatures but it seemed that the art was not yet perfected as the Imps had no real directions it seemed and were trying to figure out what to do.

Olan implored the two to check the summoning circle, the large one in particular to make sure that it was still broken. Gil and Rinn went back and dug up parts of the circle, Olan had told them that the northern edges were most likely to be destroyed as the order of the north star did much of the destruction. They found that the large circle was indeed cracked but it had started to heal just as Olan had feared. They had to figure out some way of stopping the brothers and soon, before they were able to summon more powerful beings and control them too.

They headed east to the mines where they noticed a sign from one of their companions pointing them in the direction of the southeast road.


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